sem-level-all Choose Health LA Kids was a program in Los Angeles County helping families with children ages 0-5 build and maintain healthy lifestyles. The program was run by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health made possible with funding from First 5 LA. Twenty partner agencies throughout Los Angeles County implemented the Choose Health LA Kids program and offered a variety of services to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for families.

Choose Health LA Kids Interventions – Socio-ecologic Approach

Childhood obesity cannot be solved with one single strategy. Therefore, the Choose Health LA Kids program was designed with the social-ecological approach in mind. Multiple interventions operate at various levels of the social-ecological model – individual level, organizational level, community level, and systems/societal level. See below for further details.

Individual Level


The Healthy Parenting Workshops (HPW) Curriculum – a series of six, 90-minute workshops that engage parents in a dynamic, support group environment designed to build effective parenting skills and implement healthful parenting, sleep, nutrition, and physical activity routines in their lives.  Unlike traditional nutrition education programs, the Healthy Parenting Workshops is based on the social learning theory and combines healthy eating strategies with actionable parenting skills in a supportive group environment.  Caregivers learn how to use praise to reinforce positive behaviors, give commands effectively, establish healthy daily and weekly routines, stop unwanted behaviors, and participate in hands-on cooking demonstrations and group discussion.
Download the Full HPW Toolkit below:
Healthy Parenting WorkshopsEnglish Toolkit
Healthy Parenting WorkshopsSpanish Toolkit
Download Train-the-Trainer materials to teach new facilitators how to implement HPW:
Tool 1 – HPW Train-the-Trainer Agenda Template
Tool 2 – HPW Train-the-Train Master Slide Deck with Talking Points
Tool 3 – HPW Nutrition Concepts Slide Deck
Tool 4 – HPW Parenting Concepts Slide Deck
Tool 5 – HPW Practice-based learning activities for new facilitators

Download the full evaluation report or key findings infographic to learn more about the results of the HPW in Los Angeles County:

HPW Harder+Company Community Research Evaluation Report
HPW – Evaluation Key Findings Infographic
Food demonstrations offer families the opportunity to learn new cooking skills and healthy, culturally appropriate recipes.  Store tours provide tips for navigating the market, eating right when money is tight, and encouraging healthful options for children ages 0-5 and their families.
Download the toolkits and brochures below:
Champions for Change – Fit Fruits and Veggies Into Any Budget
Champions for Change – Keep Your Habits Healthy
Healthy Cart/Healthy Start Brochure – English
Healthy Cart/Healthy Start Brochure – Spanish
Organizational Level
The Choose Health LA Restaurants program is a partnership between the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and local restaurants that gives customers the option to choose smaller portion sizes and healthier children’s meals.
Learn more at Choose Health LA Restaurants
The Choose Health LA Kid program also works with 29 community clinics in Los Angeles County to implement obesity prevention protocols, including routine BMI measurement and tracking, nutrition and physical activity education, and targeted case management.
Community Level


CalFresh & WIC Promotion: Choose Health LA Kids works to promote community assistance programs including Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) and CalFresh (food stamps) among eligible recipients.
Download a copy of the WIC/CalFresh Better Together Flyer
Child Welfare & WIC Promotion: Through a partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Choose Health LA Kids works to address high rates of childhood obesity within the child welfare system by strengthening linkages to WIC. A flyer is now placed in all child welfare placement packets to ensure all incoming caregivers (foster, relative, or biological) are aware of WIC resources.
Download a copy of the Child Welfare WIC flyer – English, Spanish
Societal Level


Marketing Matters White Paper:  Choose Health LA Kids worked with ChangeLab Solutions, a non-profit public health law firm, to release a toolkit that outlines local level policy strategies to reducing unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children.  Using the evidence-based policy adoption model, the 20 Choose Health LA Kids partner agencies worked to develop parent-driven coalitions to focus on the unique needs of their communities and work on various strategies from voluntary policies to city ordinances.
Download the full Marketing Matters toolkit or handouts for various stakeholder groups (e.g., parents, policymakers, and community groups), visit: ChangeLab Solutions
Download our infographics for ideas on how to help schools and businesses reduce unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children:
Food Marketing in Schools
Businesses & Food Marketing
To complement the individual, organizational, and community level interventions, Choose Health LA Kids also developed public education campaigns that were launched throughout Los Angeles county.
October 2015 – Choose Water
February 2016 – Healthy Eating Out Tips
August 2016 – Physical Activity & Screen Time

Featured Videos

Learn more about healthy eating, moving and living in LA County by watching these videos.

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