bike riding in Los AngelesGet Out of Your Cars and Ride! Biking can be a fun and healthy opportunity for fitness and transportation. This is true whether it is biking to work or visiting a friend.  But the benefits stretch beyond health – biking can help reduce traffic congestion, enhance your quality of life and save you money.

While the car has been king for a long time in Los Angeles County (LA County), biking is getting easier, safer, and more convenient. This is thanks in part to LA City’s 2010 Bicycle Plan and and LA County’s 2012 Bicycle Master Plan, which will have added over 800 miles of bikeways throughout the county by 2032.

Events like CicLAvia and the Los Angeles River Ride are helping more Angelenos take to the streets on bikes.

So find a bike event or ride, grab your helmet and hit the streets!

Bike Friendly Communities Toolkit

Did You Know?

60% of commutes in LA County are less than five miles, and 40% of trips in the U.S. are two miles or less.

Bike Healthy Tips:

  • Have your bike inspected for safety and mechanical issues at your local bike shop.
  • Always wear a helmet to protect your head.
  • Ride in the right-most lane that goes in the direction that you are traveling.
  • Obey all stop signs, traffic lights and lane markings.
  • Look before you change lanes or signal a turn; indicate your intention, then act.
  • Be visible and predictable at all times: wear bright clothing and signal turns.

Build Your Own Bike
These bicycle co-ops provide space, tools and equipment in order to effectively teach people how to build, repair and maintain their bicycles.


Featured Videos

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