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Sugary Drinks By The Numbers:

  • 46%: Percentage of added sugar in our diets that comes from soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, and sugar-sweetened fruit drinks.
  • 22 packs**: Amount of sugar in the average 20-oz. bottle of soda, which also contains 240 calories.
  • 27%: Increase in likelihood of overweight or obesity for adults who drink one or more sodas or other sugary drinks each day.
  • 60%: Increase in a child's risk for obesity with every additional daily serving of soda.

**Based on an average of 3 grams of sugar per pack.

To learn more about the health effects of sugary drinks and to find ideas for healthy alternatives, visit the sugary drinks page.

The number of sugar packs in the drinks shown in these images is based on an average of 3 grams of sugar per pack.
The drink sizes shown are a 20-oz. soda, a 20-oz. sports drink and a 16-oz. energy drink.

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