Healthy Places

In a healthy neighborhood, the streets, sidewalks and parks are safe, open and welcoming to people. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities can get around safely in a healthy place.

Healthy Policies
The design and structure of our cities, communities, neighborhoods, work sites, schools and streets can impact how much physical activity we get, what we eat, the safety of our streets and the quality of the air we breathe. The Department of Public Health’s Policies for Livable Active Communities and Environments (PLACE) Program fosters policy change that supports healthy, safe, and active environments for all Los Angeles County residents. El Monte and Culver City are the most recent cities in LA County that have become healthy PLACEs through direct funding and/or technical assistance. To view PLACE Overview of Assistance by City, click here.

Complete Streets
A “Complete Street” makes it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, and bike to work; allows buses to run on time; and makes it safer for people to walk to and from train stations. In LA County, the City of Lancaster developed a Master Plan for Trails to enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities and opportunities for safe recreation on city streets and on off‐street, multi‐use trails. Baldwin Park passed the most-thorough Complete Streets policy in the country, and Pacoima Beautiful launched a walking and biking group in addition to a “People’s Planning School” to promote community involvement in the planning process.

People St
Streets can become more complete and friendly to people by reclaiming small, unused and underutilized space and transforming it into welcoming public spaces that benefit business owners, residents, pedestrians and bikers. These street “makeovers” can include re-purposing excess asphalt, travel lanes and parking spaces with paint, and adding movable planters and site furniture including tables, chairs and shade structures.


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Healthy places offer many benefits in all communities, regardless of size or location. According to the National Complete Streets Coalition:

  • Healthy places make economic sense, because a balanced transportation system can bolster economic growth and stability by providing accessible and efficient connections.
  • Healthy places improve safety, by reducing crashes through safety improvements.
  • Healthy places encourage more walking and bicycling, and offer safer places to do so.
  • Healthy places can help ease transportation woes, because streets that provide travel choices can give people the option to avoid traffic jams.
  • Healthy places help children, by providing room for bicycling and walking to help children get physical activity and gain independence.
  • Healthy places are good for air quality, helping to reduce poor air quality and decrease asthma and other illnesses.

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